Jen Jewell – Greek Islands Fitness Adventure Tour

Hijen_jewell_aegean_outdoors everyone! I’m Jen Jewell and I absolutely love helping others with their health and fitness. I can’t wait to help you explore Greece during our Greek Islands Fitness Adventure Tour!

As a fitness expert, health & fitness writer, personal trainer, fitness model and more, having fun with my fitness (plus helping others do the same!) and leading an active lifestyle year-round is truly what I love to do.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work all around the world with thousands of on their health & fitness, helping them become their most fit and healthy selves to date.

My fitness philosophy is pretty simple, really! I believe that when we have fun with our workouts we are far more likely to stick with them which ends up earning the results we’re after. If we enjoy it, it’s not a chore but instead something we look forward to! I love being able to share this varied approach to fitness with others, as skipping the gym (some days, anyway) and taking workouts outside to explore the great outdoors and embracing my “fun with fitness” approach has been key to not just my consistency but to making this a lifestyle I love!

I can’t wait to help you all have fun with your fitness during our Aegean Outdoors Fitness Adventure Tour as we hike, bike, kayak and explore our way throughout Greece!


*Jen Jewell has contributed her fitness expertise to countless others through workouts, nutrition, motivation tips and more that have been widely read in several international publications.

Here are a few of the publications that Jen has been featured in:

Fitness Magazine
Women’s Health & Fitness
Inside Fitness Magazine
Strong Fitness Magazine
Iron Man magazine
Oxygen magazine
Train magazine

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