Maria Baltazzi, an amazing woman…

Aegean Outdoors proudly announces the beginning of a beautiful partnership with Dr. Maria Baltazzi, a genuinely fantastic woman that brings inspiration and motivation to people all around the world!

Maria is the Founder of The Sojourn Experience, where she devotes her time to creating inner and outer journeys for a greater good.

The Sojourn Experience consists of three entities. Sojourn Explorers is where Maria takes people on curated transformational trips to extraordinary places around the globe. Part of the money from each trip goes to the nonprofit organization 1% for the Planet, whose focus is on social impact and environmental stewardship. Through Picture Happiness: Take a Shot, she works with professionals to help them uplevel the quality of their thoughts and lives by way of mentoring as well as leading luxury retreats throughout the world. Sojourn partners with writers, producers, and directors to get their projects to A-list production companies and television networks.

Everything Maria does reflects her years as an Emmy-winning television producer, international traveler, and happiness expert. Since the late-90s, she has produced shows on all seven continents for A&E, CBS, Discovery, ESPN, History, Lifetime, National Geographic, TNT, and Travel. She was one of the original show producers on CBS’ long-running hit series, Survivor.

She did another lap around the globe, walking over 2,000 miles training and doing marathons to raise money for worthy causes. Has also spent a decade-plus obsessed with what makes people happy, along with how to cultivate and sustain it. As part of her company’s mission to make a positive impact, every two weeks she sends out a newsletter, called 8 Good Things. It is as its name implies, eight curated articles, videos, and quotes that are meant to inspire. The content is aspirational, informational, and quick to read. (8 Good Things sign-up:

Maria has an MFA in Film and a PhD in Conscious-Centered Living. Also is the North American Ambassador for the Transformational Travel Council. Her teachings include The Art and Science of Happiness, Mindfulness, Primordial Sound Meditation, Prayer of the Heart, and Restorative Yoga.

Aegean Outdoors, officially christens an unparalleled Sail and Hike tour with Maria Baltazzi through the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. She will help you (re)discover your true self and achieve more Happiness in your life as she guides you on a journey that will stimulate your senses and enable you to embrace the magical energy of the places that we will visit on your Modern-day Odyssey! There are lots of good things for her to share with others of like-minds!

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