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greek island hopper
Greece boasts diverse and captivating landscapes, making it a photographer’s “dream come true”. Each part of the country offers unique opportunities to capture its beauty, ranging from ancient ruins to popular beaches, and quaint villages to bustling cities. Athens: A Classical and Modern Fusion Start your photographic journey in Greece’s capital, Athens. Discover the famous Acropolis,...
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Mount Olympus
The threat of climate change poses an existential danger to life outside. We cannot ignore it as a political issue, as it is a humanitarian one. Our goal as an adventure travel company is to encourage and empower people to experience the outdoors while at the same time fighting the climate crisis. We use our platform...
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Mount Olympus Expedition Tour
Why is hiking good for us? Feeling the warmth of the sun on your face, listening to the sound of the wind rustling through the trees above, and experiencing the soft, earthy feel of the trail beneath your boots are not only enjoyable, but also beneficial to you. Numerous health benefits of hiking have been demonstrated,...
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Aegean Sea Sail and Hike tour
Our holidays are more enjoyable because they do good! When your trip benefits others, you gain too. All our trips support the local communities and preserve nature – which helps you get closer to both. So traveling with Aegean Outdoors is a win-win situation! Together, we’re making the world a better place! We’re an active and...
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Greece is Americans’ preferred European destination for post-pandemic vacations
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